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The History of MDP / russian version

Manic Depressive Psychosis, MDP, were formed in 1990 at the Yerevan State University. They soon collected ten compositions for a debut album " Usurper of the Sun Rays" self-released in 1993. The album instantly won popularity and the band received a cult status in Yerevan.

The songwriting nucleus of Ed and Henry pursued music experimentation, quite heavy and psychedelic. MDP works embodied ethnic elements and harmonies, were very close to sympho-rock, boasted passion, intuition and inspiration.

In spring 1994 two legionaries from a heavy-metal combo “Soma” joined the MDP that enhanced their existence. They recorded their hit-single “the River” - kind of a prog-suite that became a trump and is mentioned in all anthologies of Armenian rock respectively.

Called a "soul scalpel", MDP decided to go beyond Armenia to find their market in Russia. The result was in releasing a controversial and sophisticated, but obviously avant-garde metal album “Take your Nibbled Apple Back.”

After a period of hibernation MDP lived a day of revival, and interest towards their music was increasing rapidly. “Falling in Love/Should I” single recorded in September 2002 unexpectedly incorporated trip-hop and funk influences. Hypnotic and yet melancholic melodies covered by surreal vocals of Edward completed a transition into a new subtle stylistic territory more comparable to modernized Sylvian/Portishead than anything they made before. However, this did not last long. MDP again play very heavy music. Now it is more sympho-metal with prog and ethnic elements.

In 2003 and 2004 the MDP produced a range of events, Festival MindPower, participated in the rock festivals in Yerevan. The band has their studio and concert venue and record regularly not only themselves but also other Armenian bands.

In 2005-2006 the band gigged in Germany, Georgia and Armenia. A new video-clip featuring Ella Tarunz arrived at the beginnig of 2006. The long-anticipated studio album is being made at the moment and will be due end of 2006-beginning of 2007.

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